The Experiences


Tinos is one of the few Aegean islands offering organized surfing activities, not only to experienced surfers, but also to those interested in being acquainted with this fascinating sport. Do not hesitate to contact us for details.


Enjoy trekking on Tinos island, in one or more of the island trails. By exploring the trekking trail network which exceeds 150 km, you will discover this authentic and unexplored island of the Cyclades, which is equally impressive and hospitable all year.


Tinos Portraits can put you in contact with experienced captains, who can sail you to remote beaches of Tinos island or travel you to other Cyclades islands for the day. You will be offered a unique experience, enjoying the beauty of the Greek islands.


Massage treatments will release the tension and daily routine from your body, will help remove toxins, relax and improve the sense of well-being. Organising a massage session during your stay will make you feel the essence of holiday and recreation: you will be rejuvenated!


The experienced associates of our residences can organise for you a unique experience that will awake your senses! Wine-tasting on the premises of Tinos Portraits with the magnificent view will make your holiday unforgettable.